Jennifer Lopez' return to American Idol unsure

American Idol Season 10 last week brought its curtain down. After everyone's attention was focused on the winner, country crooner Scotty McCreery, the spotlight has shifted to one of the show's judges, Jennifer Lopez. Reports said she might not return to AI in the next season.

JLo signed a one-year contract for American Idol and right now it's still uncertain if she'll be back on the show. The singer-actress boosted AI's ratings since joining it with Steven Tyler and original judge Randy Jackson. What will happen if she doesn't return?

Here's a report for some more details.
The FOX big-wigs were wise enough to have Steven Tyler, who secured his spot as the fan favorite, sign a multi-year contract that will ensure he returns for the 11th season alongside original judge, Randy Jackson.

A source also overheard the Aerosmith rocker happily confirm Wednesday that he’ll be back for another round. (Based on the rumors that he earned $18 million for the first season alone, it’s no wonder he’s enthusiastic.)

“They can’t get rid of Tyler, he’s the new Paula,” reality television and pop culture expert Mikey Glazer told FOX411's Pop Tarts.

But Lopez, who signed for significantly less money (a reported $12 million), isn’t so sure of her future.

“It’s too early to tell,” the 41-year-old told FOX411.

Lopez is believed to be in negotiations with the network, and an offer is said to be on the table.

“Everyone has multiple year contracts; Jennifer had single year contract, we loved having her, the hope and expectation is she'll return," FOX Chief Peter Rice earlier this week.”