Iwa Moto took ‘antibiotic capsules’, Justine Ferrer reveals

This is a follow up post on the alleged suicide attempt of Kapuso talent Iwa Moto who was reportedly rushed to the hospital after purportedly slashing her wrist last Sunday. Read the related article here.

Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) on Tuesday, May 17, has published an article citing Justin Ferrer, a host of Tweetbiz Insiders on GMA News TV, who during the show spoke about what actually happened to Iwa Moto.

Iwa Moto sexyJustin, also a former Survivor Philippines castaway, is Iwa's housemate.

Based on Justin's revelation on Tweetbiz Insiders, it appeared that Iwa did not slash her wrist, but rather took “antiboitic capsules,” the report said.

According to the report, Justin and a friend of Iwa, with the help of the security guard, forcibly entered Iwa's room after hearing someone was moaning inside.

They reportedly found Iwa in bed, in a prone position with lots of puke stuff around her. She looked “pale,” her lips dark and appeared “unconscious” so Justin and her companion decided to take her to the hospital.

Justin reportedly said Iwa is ‘safe,’ has discharged from the hospital and now resting at home.

{Source: Iwa Moto is now safe after suspected suicide attempt}