Friendster Beta — A Social Network for Entertainment?

Starting May 31, 2011, Friendster will be shifting from social networking site to a social entertainment site which will focus on gaming and music.

The accounts are unchanged and still existing. However, all the photos, messages, comments, testimonials, shoutouts, blogs, forums and groups that the users may have now will no longer be part of the account by May 31, 2011.

An application called Exporter Tool is provided to back-up the information of the user account. This tool has an ability to export photos to Flickr and Multiply, and blogs to Blogger or Wordpress.

Friendster Music, Friendster Games and Friendster WiFi may get more enhancements in the new site which will be launched in Beta.

The entertainment-focused website is expected to be highly popular among young Asians who seek a platform that provides new ways of making more friends and complements their online activities in other social networking sites such as Facebook.