The Bourne Legacy to be shot in Manila

Manila, Philippines has been chosen as the location for “The Bourne Legacy,” the next installment of the popular action franchise that previously topbilled Matt Damon, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reports.

The report said it was Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director Tony Gilroy who chose the Philippines' capital as the location of the action-packed film, besting other Asian countries in the process.

The Bourne LegacyForty percent (40%) of the entire film will be shot in Manila, the report said.

Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner is expected to headline the new film with Rachel Weisz as his character's love interest. There were reports, however, that Renner will not play the role of Jason Bourne, the former CIA assassin previously portrayed by Damon, but a completely new character.

Universal Pictures has reportedly set the release date for “The Bourne Legacy” on August 3, 2012.