Bagyong Chedeng now a full-fledged Typhoon

The PAGASA weather bureau at 10 AM on Wednesday, May 25, 2011, declared that Tropical Storm Chedeng has intensified into a Typhoon which means that maximum sustained winds and gustiness levels have increased.

A tropical storm has maximum sustained winds of 64 to 118 kph while a cyclone is declared a typhoon if the max winds reach more than 118 kph.

As of 2:00 o'clock this afternoon, PAGASA announced that the center of Typhoon Chedeng was estimated at 340 km east of Catarman in Northern Samar. It has a max sustained winds of 130 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 160 kph while moving West Northwest at 9 kph.

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Meanwhile, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) had already declared Cyclone “Songda” (international name of TY Chedeng) into a typhoon last night. Netizens have expressed concern over the late declaration by PAGASA.

The agency explained through a social networking site that system failure was the reason behind the delay. “Nagdown po ung system namin kanina, but ok na,” PAGASA posted on Facebook.

When asked about the heavy rains in Metro Manila, PAGASA clarified that while TY Chedeng will not directly hit the area, the convergence of northeasterly and southeasterly wind will bring in heavy downpour in the nation's capital.