Willie Revillame acquires Coolbuster.net

You may have noticed that some of our recent posts were about the controversial host-producer Willie Revillame and oftentimes, these posts came to his defense. We actually did it on purpose, that is to impress Willie and we're glad we made it, fortunately.

So today, we are pleased to announce that Wil Productions/Willie Revillame has acquired this website!

Willing Willie
The sum involved in the acquisition of the domain alone is P1,500,000.00 (P1.5 million) although we cannot disclose the agreement regarding compensation of writers pending the hiring of bloggers which include Abe Olandres (YugaTech), Noem Lardizabal-Dado (MomBlogger), MyKiru (MyKiRu IsYuSeRo) and other Filipino bloggers who have created impact on the world wide web and have become influential on the daily lives of Filipinos here and abroad.

Okay. So Willie Revillame bought Coolbuster.net, what's in it for blog visitors/readers?

Most Filipinos already know what our new boss is capable of doing. He gives the poor and the underprivileged financial assistance through contests. His show gives away hundreds of thousands and even millions worth of cash, cars, house and lot among other prizes six nights a week.

We are going to do it right here, but we will not elaborate this at the moment. Just visit this site for more announcements.

From now on, most of our posts will be about Willie Revillame and Willing Willie. We will defend him from his detractors to the best we can. We hope that our patrons will stick with us in this new endeavor.

Happy April Fools' Day everyone!