The most hilarious picture from the #RoyalWedding

I guess you've already seen beautiful pictures taken from the wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, last April 29. Obviously because they're all over the place. Now, here's a photo that will tickle your imagination a little bit.

This photo, uploaded by @Neil_LFC on Twitpic got more than half a million views, 530,242 to be exact, and more than 16,000 tweets (and still counting) in less than 24 hours after the historical celebration.

Twitpic users had their own take on the photo. Nijhof_M said, “Most hilarious is the kid who is resolute not to hear what is said....” and Smithy_B_F posted, “The good thing is, even they will find it funny.”

While some were amused, there were others who questioned the authenticity of the controversial photo. “Real or photoshopped? Hilarious either way...” KristoferA asked.

Should we tag this as NSFW?

The most Hilarious picture from the #RoyalWedding. Cant stop ... on Twitpic

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