Hola Tinola! Mikey Bustos “Filipino Accent Tutorial” video goes viral

Mikey BustosFilipino-Canadian Mikey Bustos, the seventh runner-up in the Canadian Idol Season 1 finals in August 2003, has become phenomenally popular with his Filipino tutorial videos where his “Hola Tinola!” self-made expression is often heard. Some fans call him the newest YouTube sensation!

The Fil-Canadian singer's “Filipino Accent Tutorial” video has gone viral on the internet. His videos, according to reports, are being shared constantly on Facebook.

And...check this out. He will be featured on ABS-CBN's news program, TV Patrol Friday evening, April 8.

We're embedding one below, but if you're curious and wish to watch more of his videos, Mikey Bustos' YouTube channel can be access via this link.