JM de Guzman improves in Mula Sa Puso

With his role in the Kapamilya television series, Mula sa Puso, JM de Guzman has proven that he is one of the most-promising young actors these days. If you're a fan of Mula Sa Puso and watch it everyday, you will agree with me that JM de Guzman has improved a lot, as far as his acting is concerned.

JM de GuzmanAs Gabriel the taxi driver, JM de Guzman provides the lighter side of drama with his funny lines delivered and acted effortlessly.

There was a time when my housemates laughed when JM faced the mirror and said, “Via, have you eatens?” When corrected for his grammar, he immediately proceeded and said, “Have you eatens....snacks?”

I hope that Mula Sa Puso writers will inject more humorous lines similar to that in JM's dialogues.