Jan-Jan incident: Blogger alleges TV5 using parents in filing libel suits against him, 2 others

It was reported earlier that Joe and Diana Suan, parents of six-year-old Jan-Jan who was seen gyrating like a macho dancer during Willing Willie's March 12 episode, have filed libel suits against John Silva, a blogger, and two other alleged “child abuse” complainants.

Jan-Jan’s parents, and even TV5 president Atty. Ray Espinosa, slammed Silva for posting in his blog, "What do these companies, Willing Willie, Channel 5 and pedophiles have in common? They like boys doing macho dancing."

In an ABS-CBN News article, Silva reportedly said, “TV 5 should be held liable for the incident” adding that, “They don’t want to look like the bad guy and decided they would use the parents to file a libel case against us, very clever move but it’s not going to stand.”

Wonder what TV5’s reaction to that statement would be?