Boracay Star Sightings (Holy Week 2011)

Boracay, one of the best beaches in the world, is a favorite destination of local and foreign tourists, more so of movie and television personalities during the Holy Week break.

As it already has become a tradition that talk shows, entertainment sites and magazines feature articles about ‘star sightings’ in Boracay, blogs are starting to make lists of their own for 2011.

Celebrity news blog ‘Showbiznest’ posted the names of stars who were spotted in the island of Boracay during the Holy Week, as follows:
  • Senator Bong Revilla, wife Lani Mercado and their kids.
  • Dolly Anne Carvajal
  • Solenn Heusaff
  • Ervic Vijandre
  • Richard Gutierrez
  • Rocky Gutierrez
  • Ritchie Paul Gutierrez
  • Bianca King
  • Lovi Poe
  • Nicole Anderson
  • Martin del Rosario
  • Xian Lim
  • Sarah Meier
More will be added in an update.