Nokia X1-00 Specs, Features, Price, Availability

If you're looking for a mobile phone that has great specifications and features but is just perfect for your budget, I suggest that you take a look at this latest Nokia phone which was launched recently and is expected to be available in the market this April — the new Nokia X1-00.

This phone is designed for music lovers. It has a massive speaker at the back which will produce sound at 106phon (a phon is a measure of perceived loudness) but the frequency response has been tweaked so that the sound remains undistorted at higher volumes and still pleasing to the ears.

This device can be used as your main music player at home. The Nokia X1-00 comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can plug it into speakers aside from headphones/earphones. There’s also support for MicroSD memory cards for extra music storage up to 16GB, likewise an integrated FM radio for access to news and entertainment.

Other specs and features include: a dedicated torch (flashlight), up to 5 phone books; Series 30 (S30) Symbian operating system, music player app, calendar, clock, calculator and pre-loaded games. This device measures 112.2 x 47.3 x 16mm and weighs 91g. It has a standby battery life of 61 days maximum, which is pretty amazing.

Nokia says the X1-00 is scheduled to be available in selected markets beginning in April. It should cost around €34 before taxes/tariffs and operator subsidies.

The price for this mobile phone may play between P3,000 to P4,000 once sold in the Philippines.

Nokia X1-00 photos:

Nokia X1-00
Nokia X1-00