Marie Digby reveals real score on Sam Milby

It has been a year since talks about international acoustic singing sensation Marie Digby as the real-life girlfriend of acoustic heartthrob Sam Milby surfaced. Marie, known for her acoustic cover version of “Umbrella” which made her a YouTube sensation in 2007, admitted their real status.

Entertainment news sites report that both started communicating through Twitter until they had a date in Boracay and somewhere in Japan. Web sources also reveal they even became a tandem in a show.

In an interview with PEP recently, Marie admitted that Sam for her is “very special.”

“Sam is very special to me because he doesn't even realize how special he is. I think he's very modest. He doesn't realize that he's got that 'it' factor and he's charming. He walks into a room and people would go crazy and he doesn't even realize that. That's what makes him special,” she said.

The singer-actress also revealed that both of them decided to discontinue courtship for a reason.

“Distance is the most obvious factor; we live in two different countries and it's hard for anything to grow when you don't see each other,” she reportedly said.

However, recent rumor has it that Marie Digby will be staying in the country for a project with ABS-CBN and that she will be paired to Sam Milby.