March 2011 Blog Update: Minor Modifications

Hello there friends. If you've been following this blog for sometime, you may have noticed some changes particularly on content and template design. Yes, we do confirm that minor modifications were applied to this blog to be able to meet its objective for 2011.


Our good friend Google recently launched a big algorithmic update to its search engine. The update, which was designed to “reduce rankings for low-quality sites” and at the same time “provide better rankings for high-quality sites,” has affected rankings for many sites.

Lucky for us (and thanks to Google), our page rank was retained and our posts appear in search engine results pages ahead of the competition for particular keywords.

Some webmasters who are into search engine optimization say that a website's design is a factor, so we decided to remove several widgets and javascripts to make the template as simple as possible, speedy, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

We also tweaked the template a little bit to reduce page-loading time and to correct disalignments of links, images, buttons and gadgets.

We learned that sites classified by the search giant as content farms were penalized. For our part, we took off a couple of buttons that link to content submission sites to prevent our posts from being used by these so-called content farms.

We've already seen several of these sites taken down one by one from search results. If you try to query for something, the search term(s) would return high quality sites in search results.

We know this move could affect link-building, but at least it won't affect page ranking.


This blog started mainly as a tips and tech blog four years ago and over the years we included results of PRC licensure examinations and other qualifying exams.

Through constant reading and research, we discovered that people surf the web for news and information that are useful in their daily activities whether at home, school or workplace.

Based on that observation, we came up with a decision to post more news, breaking news and entertainment news, starting last month.

We weren't wrong with that decision, we have proven it effective as the improvements brought positive results in traffic — both in unique visitors and pageviews.


We created a widget for Jobs at the sidebar to help anyone in search of jobs in and outside the country. This widget has replaced the sluggish widgets for Chat and Twitter activity feed.

Powered by CareerJet, the Jobs widget will help website visitors get information on available career and technical job opportunities in the US, Canada and here in the Philippines.

This is one of our many ways to give thanks and pay our patrons back.


This blog aims for a Page Rank of 5 or 6 this year. We hope that the adjustments done to improve content and template will help propel us into reaching our goal.