Marcelino Cavestany seeks investigation on blacklist order

Marcelino Cavestany, the theater actor-director who was barred from entering the country last March 6, has sought an investigation from either the senate or congress in relation to the blacklist order against him. Latest reports said that the Bureau of Immigration already lifted the blacklist order.

Marcelino CavestanyIn a Manila Bulletin report, Cavestany said he was “alarmed” and felt “dehumanized” at the time that he was blocked by BI agents at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). He reportedly suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized on Sunday, March 10.

The blacklist order was said to have cited Cavestany as an “undesirable alien” for being an HIV positive who “intends to spread his AIDS (HIV positive) disease.” The order reportedly stated that it was issued out of a request from the National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA) signed by its Executive Director Malou Jacob.

ABS-CBN, who had a TV interview with Cavestany earlier this week, reported that the HIV-positive actor-director flew to the Philippines from Darwin, Australia for a film project as well as to write a book about HIV.