Is the thinner, faster, lighter iPad 2 in your 2011 wishlist?

As you may already know, Apple on Wednesday launched the second generation iPad, the iPad 2, in an event that took place in San Francisco—a defining moment that caused the company's ailing CEO to take a break from his medical leave to take center stage.

Well, I think Steve Jobs simply didn't want to miss the show, what do you think?

With the new design, specs and features already unveiled, I can say (in line with what Jobs said) that the new iPad is totally a different device from hardware to software.

The iPad 2 is thinner, faster and don't forget, it's also lighter (130 grams lighter) than the first iPad.

I was able to watch tech reviews on television that described the iPad 2 as a thinner and faster tablet computer. They have totally disregarded the weight of the new iPad which is lighter compared to the previous one. It's no big deal though.

Anyway, I saw a hands-on video of the iPad 2 and was really amazed what the new tech toy does, specially that portion of the vid where the user tried its GarageBand application.

I love music and I think it will really be cool to play those virtual instruments by tapping them, record and edit the music, then play it back later on the media player, car stereo or home sound system and even send to a friend the AAC file via email.

GarageBand, which will sell at $4.99 at the App Store starting March 11, completely turns the iPad 2 into a recording studio.

The front and back facing camera that supports FaceTime video calling, the new A5 processor which makes the iPad 2 the first dual core device to be shipped in volume, and the self-cleaning smart cover that also functions as a reading stand are a few of the things the new iPad 2 offers that made me decide to put it at the top spot of my wishlist this 2011—definitely the year of tablet computers.

Is it in your wishlist this year too?