Scientists discover Hachiko's real cause of death

A decades-old mystery about the cause of death of Japan's most famous dog has been solved. Scientists declared that Hachiko, land of the rising sun's legendary dog, died of cancer and worms, contrary to told stories that he had swallowed a Japanese chicken barbecue called `yakitori.´

Hachiko's story of legendary loyalty to his master moved Tokyo residents that they built his statue at the train station. He was also a hero of Japanese children’s books, the Asian Correspondent reported.

Hachiko's organs were preserved when he died in 1935 and is being exhibited at the National Science Museum of Japan.

“Hachiko: A Dog's Story” was a 2009 Hollywood film about the faithful dog starring Richard Gere.

The name is a combination of two Japanese words `hachi´ which means `eight´ and `kō´ that pertains to a prince.

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