Girl cries over Mara´s `death´ video goes viral

“Mara,” Kathryn Bernardo's character in the ABS-CBN soap opera “Mara Clara,” apparently died last week. The supposed tragedy has affected a young girl and her emotions caused her to cry her heart out while watching the drama series.

The girl's sister, YouTube user happyyna19, captured the scene on cam and uploaded the video entitled “MARA CLARA REACTION: How mara clara affects my sister :)).” It has gone viral with already over half a million views as of this posting.

The uploader in the description panel posted, “She cried coz she thought that mara died :| HAHAHAHA superrr nakakatawa!!! LOL. I explained to my sister na hindi namatay si mara. If you can hear me saying sa huli na "Hindi namatay si mara, Bida un eh." =).”

Not everyone found the video funny.

Another YouTube user, iamfreak008, reacted: “What the f*ck is wrong with the sister capturing the video? What is so funny about her sister crying so hard and can't even breathe? If she's my sister, I'm gonna comfort her and tell the kid, no honey, it's not for real, it was just a show. By the way, I do watch Mara Clara, and Mara's death is indeed worth the tears.”

Here's the video:

The girl and all of Mara's fans should not worry, she is still alive. Remember “Nenita” (Jamilla Obispo), the hostage-taker-accomplice of “Gary” (Jhong Hilario)? Just a guess — she was the one who got burnt.