Blogger rolls out Follow by Email gadget

Blogger this week rolled out a new feature called Follow by Email. Well, it's not actually new as Feedburner's email subscription option has been there for many years. But at least with this new gadget, although it still uses Feedburner's technology, the “Delivered by Feedburner” line was removed.

Follow by EmailThe Follow by Email gadget for Blogger comes clean with only the email address input box and “Submit” button with it.

For bloggers on Blogger who aren't familiar with how email subscription works and why it is important, Blogger Buzz has a brief explanation:
The Follow by Email gadget provides blog authors a simple way for their readers to subscribe to the latest hot-off-the-press updates, which are delivered directly to the reader’s inbox. When new blog content is published, all subscribed readers will receive a daily email notification of the new published posts, which includes a copy of the new content as well as links back to the actual posts.
The technique to drive your email subscribers (or followers by email) to your blog is to send only the summary, not the entire content of your blog post. That way, you don't only notify your subscribers of your new post, you convert them into regular blog readers as well.

There is an option for that somewhere in the Feedburner dashboard. I will update this post soon for the how-to guide.

In the meantime, if you'd like to enable the Follow by Email gadget in your Blogger blog, just click the Add a Gadget link from the Design > Page Elements tab, and then select the Follow by Email gadget.