Aquino signs EO 28, EO 29 (download)

President Benigno Aquino III issued two executive orders (EO 28 and EO 29) aimed at fully liberalizing the county’s aviation industry and benefiting tourism, trade and investment, the government's communications website posted on Thursday.

PNoyExecutive Order No. 28 “Reorganizing the Philippine Air Negotiating Panel and the Philippine Air Consultation Panel” and Executive Order No. 29 “Authorizing the Civil Aeronautics Board and the Philippine Air Panels to Pursue more Aggressively the International Civil Aviation Liberalization Policy” were both signed by Aquino on March 14, 2011, MalacaƱang announced.

“These executive orders reaffirm the President’s commitment to pursue policies that will promote tourism and spur investment in the country,” Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. said.

He added that MalacaƱang's goal “is also to provide a competitive environment for the airline industry by allowing foreign airlines to come in. More airlines mean more choices for flyers, and, consequently, lower fares and better services to entice the flying public.”

Downloadable soft copies of President Aquino's EO 28 and EO 29 are available here:
EO 28 March 14, 2011
EO 29 March 14, 2011