Filipina-German model 'Imee Hart' is Willing Willie's new co-host

[Update] Imelda Schweighart, also known as 'Aimee' or 'Imee Hart', a 15-year old Filipina-German, is the newest recruit on TV5's evening primetime game show, “Willing Willie.” She was once a contestant in one of the games, and just after a few days Willie Revillame took her in for a hosting job.

Imee Willing Willie
If my memory serves me right, Imee Hart is an endorder of Silka products.

At the start of the show's February 23 episode, Willie revealed that the newcomer was supposed to work for another network (ABS-CBN?) but a contract-related issue barred her release from her former employer.

The controversial host did not disclose information as to how they were able to convince Imee's manager to cut ties with the young model.

First impression on Imee? She's young and promising. She did great on her first night on the show.

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