The Art of the Deal — What is it?

“DZMM showed a blood-splattered tombstone of Reyes’ mother. Also found where Reyes’ fell was a pocketbook, `The Art of the Deal´ by Donald Trump.” These lines were part of a blog post by columnist Ellen Tordesillas on Tuesday, February 8th, the day former secretary Angelo Reyes died apparently due to suicide.

Recent media reports, however, said that Reyes' family denied he read it.

So what is “The Art of the Deal?”

The Art of the Deal is a pocketbook written by Donald John Trump, an American business magnate, socialite, author and television personality, which was published in 1988 and is still sold at

According to a web source, The Art of the Deal “gives you a glimpse into the thoughts of an enigmatic man called Donald Trump.”

It “makes you feel you are living the life of Donald Trump, not the glitz and the glamour associated with it, but more of the energy and passion for making incredible deals,” a review on the book said.

If you search “The Art of the Deal book,” Google will return more than 630 million sources with such terms, most of them with a PDF file of the book's summary. So if you're curious enough, click here to automatically search “The Art of the Deal.”

The Art of the Deal