If you were Angel, will you turn down Phil's invite for V-Day?

Today, team member SpicySugar posted about Angel Locsin declining Azkals' Phil Younghusband's invitation for a Valentine date. Both tweets, the invitation as well as the reply as shown in the uploaded screenshots, sounded cute (like Spicee herself).

Phil must be audacious he asked Angel for a date publicly, on Twitter—courtship in the modern times?

Phil Younghusband's tweet to Angel Locsin
Angel Locsin reply tweet to Phil Younghusband
Angel's reason that she has work on Valentines begets a question, out of curiousity, to all ladies out there: If you were Angel Locsin, will you turn down Phil's invite for a date on V-Day?

We've put up an online poll...just for fun.

Will you Turn Down Phil Younghusband's V-Day invite?
Yes, I also have work on V-Day.
No! Coz I got a crush on Phil.
Maybe...wait, let me think it over.
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