How Yahoo! News can increase site traffic

I was surprised of the sudden surge of web traffic for this site since yesterday. Upon checking Blogger Stats, I found out that my post about China's J-20, its newly-launched stealth jet, brought the visitors in, courtesy of Yahoo! News.

What happened was, Yahoo! News picked up my post with the keyword “J-20” as anchor text. If you hover on “J-20” on this Yahoo! News article, a link to my post will appear.

Inasmuch as I am thankful to Yahoo! News for the boost, I would like to share to bloggers the way to do it. Here are the steps:
  • Submit your website / add your URL to Yahoo! A complete procedure is posted on this page.
  • Yahoo! News has a technology that can detect quality content on the web, write good and credible stories.
That's it. Now, aim for more web traffic with the help of Yahoo! News.