Starbucks Bares 2011 Logo

Starbucks on Wednesday unveiled a revamped logo ahead of its 40th anniversary in March 2011. Starbucks has dropped the company name in the new all-green and simplified logo that focuses mainly on its mermaid symbol, and is looking forward to an expanding brand that goes `beyond coffee´.

Starbucks chairman, president and CEO Howard Schultz, in his official statement, said: “As we look forward to Starbucks next chapter, we see a world in which we are a vital part of over 16,000 neighborhoods around the world, in more than 50 countries, forming connections with millions of customers every day in our stores, in grocery aisles, at home and at work. Starbucks will continue to offer the highest-quality coffee, but we will offer other products as well – and while the integrity, quality and consistency of these products must remain true to who we are, our new brand identity will give us the freedom and flexibility to explore innovations and new channels of distribution that will keep us in step with our current customers and build strong connections with new customers.”

Starbucks Logo Evolution
New Starbucks Logo
Starbucks Cup with new logo
The company official said the new logo will have its first appearance on paper goods such as cups and napkins.