NTC scraps download cap

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Wednesday announced that it has scrapped the proposed cap on the volume of data that an internet user downloads per day, as provided for in a draft memorandum order which earned massive protest from consumers since late December last year.

“The cap was deleted from the draft MO which the NTC plans to promulgate. The NTC deemed it wise to remove the provision to enable everyone to access the Internet, without any bias, with respect to the NTC’s intention of coming out with the said policy,” NTC deputy commissioner Jaime Fortes, Jr. said.

“Service providers may set the maximum volume of data allowed per subscriber/user per day” is the provision on the draft MO that got deleted, although the copy on NTC's website does not show the amendment as of the time of this posting.

Good job NTC. After all, you are serving the consumers not the providers. One million “likes” please.