How to connect Globe Wimax to WiFi router

I bought a TP-Link WR340G wireless (WiFi) router so that I will be able to share my Globe WiMAX internet connection to laptops and other devices at home. Upon installation, I discovered that linking a Globe WiMAX to a Wi-Fi router differs from that of Smart Bro (Canopy).

The issue is that the Globe WiMAX device uses the same default IP address as that of the TP-Link wireless router. And because there is an IP address conflict, the computer will only recognize the IP address of the device first attached to it (wireless router).

Usually, Smart Bro is configured with its default IP address changed to or similar segments and therefore no IP address conflict with the router is present.

To successfully connect Globe WiMAX to a WiFi router, you'll have to alter the latter's default IP address. Here's how:
  • Type in your browser's address bar and hit Enter.
  • Use “admin” for both Username and Password.
  • At the router's main page, go to Basic Settings > Network and then change IP Address to; click “Save.”
  • On the same page, see Network > MAC Clone, click the “Clone MAC Address To” button and then click “Save.”
  • Close the browser and turn-off your router and WiMAX.
  • Replug the router first and then power-on your WiMAX.
  • Restart your computer; you should be able to connect to the internet now with your WiMAX connected to a WiFi router.
Globe WiMAX
All the other wireless devices will have connectivity too.

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