Must Read: The Best SEO's...

I've always been a fan of WebProNews. Well, not as much as TechCrunch but I'm a solid WPN fan. I've read posts from WPN that help me in my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. You know, those things a blogger do to get to the top of search engine results page (SERP).

seo punishmentphoto © 2010 Sean MacEntee | more info (via: Wylio)
Most of these SEO-related articles along with tech news and updates were sent via a newsletter delivered to my inbox then the full stories are read on WPN's website.

For two years of being a WPN subscriber, I haven't felt even a single disappointment, not because what they've provided for the past two years were free but because everything they've provided have been useful, in one way or another, for my blogging undertakings.

There's one thread at WPN's forum, WebProWorld, started in August 2010 by a member in the nickname of “Optic” which inspires me in SEO. The lines on that particular thread that say:
“The best SEO's know how to optimize a site, without making it LOOK optimized.”
“The best SEO's dont write titles that look like a keyword tag from 2005. They don't write for engines. They include the words in key places, but don't write for bots.”
inspire me a lot.

I would like to share to bloggers and webmasters that page in the forum which can be accessed here, and encourage you to read the full thread, including the comments, to help you fulfill your own SEO objectives and make the blogosphere better as well.