AddThis “Top Most Shared Items” Widget

AddThis, the leading bookmarking and sharing service for blogs and websites, on Thursday announced the upcoming release of AddThis content feeds “that make it even simplier to create public widgets” like the Top Most Shared Items.

“Coming soon we will have content feeds that make it even simpler to create public widgets, like Top Most Shared Items. This is a great way to engage your community and re-distribute your own content,” AddThis “Happines Guru” Kori Hill wrote in a blog post.

This announcement came with the public release of the service's Analytics API which, accordingly, provides users with programmatic access to sharing data.

This feature allows bloggers and webmasters to know how many times have people shared site content in a particular period, enables them to find out which content is being shared the most and what services are used to share their content.

Cool features huh? Most bloggers and site owners, I think, can't wait for the launch of AddThis widgets which will publicly display sharing data on sites.