How to add more websites to your Infolinks account

Adding more websites or blogs to your Infolinks Account is easy and fast to do. Plus, it ensures that you are monetizing your sites with the best In-Text Ad Provider out there – Infolinks! This simple step by step process helps you spread the wealth to your entire network.

  • First, log onto your Infolinks account here. After you have entered your username and password you will be directed to the “Reports” page.
  • Simply click on “My Account” on the top menu. Now you should be on your “Account” page.
  • Click on “Add Websites,” the third link over on the submenu at the top. Here you will see a list of all of the websites you have registered at Infolinks.
  • To add another website, just click on the link at the bottom entitled “Add Another Website.” This will take you to the “Add Website” page.
  • Fill out all of the fields you see above, including: website url, website category, website language, monthly page views and any additional comments. Press the blue “submit” button and your job is done!
It’s time to turn your content into money! Read the full post with complete screenshots here.