2011 Blog Contest kicks off 1.11.11

Happy New Year everybody! I've just watched the ball dropped at Times Square in the U.S. over at CNN and Fox News and man, what can I say. It's a stunning day in America right now. It was the grandest gathering I ever saw on cable TV so far with over a million people down the streets of Manhattan in celebration.

People everywhere are greeting and kissing their loved ones, there were performances from great artists among them Rick Springfield and Gin Blossoms, everyone was having fun! The mood is so festive, confettis were falling from tall buildings around the business district of New York. I think people there are optimistic of a wonderful year ahead.

So are we.

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Because we are looking forward to a better year this year, and because we are so grateful for the amazing things that happened last year, with hopes that it'll double or even triple this year, we are pleased to announced that the most-awaited blog contest here at Coolbuster.net will kick off on January 11, 2011 (1.11.11).

This contest is not about a product, nor about something else but yourself as a blogger, your blog and your aspirations for 2011. This contest will give bloggers the opportunity to get backlinks (and you know how important link building is for page rank and search engine opimization purposes), be popular on the web not only in the blogosphere but in social networks. Through the contest, we will let the participants utilize everything they can think of to promote their blogs to be able to get the prizes at stake.

We'll be giving away domains and probably gadgets and mobile phones, and of course thousands of cash prizes. Four website owners have already pledged sponsorship to the contest. They themselves can join the contest. So it's like hitting two birds with one stone; the sponsors do not just get maximum exposure, they also have the chance to become winners themselves. How about that!

If you're interested to sponsor, click this link to contact us via email. Remember, our 2011 blog contest hits the web 1.11.11. Make sure you will be one of our partners because this is gonna be exciting!