SMART Bro FFF `Secret Tips to Win´ Exposed!

Last November 21st we broke the news about SMART Bro's promo called Fun Free Fifteen. Launched in Facebook, SMART Bro FFF allows loyal prepaid subscribers to get fifteen (15) minutes of free internet and a chance to win one of the 15 prizes for the day that include among other gadgets an iPad, Macbook Air, and Nokia C3 while logged on.

Smart Bro Fun Free Fifteen

A friend of mine who's been using SMART Bro Plug It since its first public release was able to grab one of those techie prizes. I asked her how she did it and as a response, she forwarded me an email containing the `secret tips to staying checked in longer´ to get a higher chance of winning the promo items. And guess where she got the secret tips from?


These aren't a secret anymore as we are revealing them to you right now, written as-is.
There you go. Good luck and I hope you will be able to win too just like my friend.