Take Control of your Site Feed

As of today, this blog has more than 6,000 subscribers, seventy five up to eighty percent of which regularly checks the posts regardless of the given topic. We must admit that more than fifty percent of site traffic for COOLBUSTER.net, based on blog stats, comes from feed readers.

For blogs which were put up as early as 2001, six thousand subscribers are a few, but for blogs that are three years old and below, that already is an achievement.

So how do we make our subscribers visit here? We take control of our blog feeds. We made sure that only a portion of the content will be delivered to them through emails, with a link to the full post attached to it. As soon as they click the link, they will be automatically brought to a web page right here on this site for the full content.

Thanks to Google FeedBurner, we are able to deliver on a daily basis site feeds that contain around the first 300 characters per post, images and HTML removed.

Blogger, on the other hand, has just offered a better option to control exactly how much content is delivered. Google's free blogging platform now allows bloggers to take control of their site feeds even better.

Recently, Blogger launched a third option in the Site Feed tab that lets you use Jump Breaks besides the “Short” and “Full” options. This new feature will give you the opportunity to deliver only the introductory texts or what bloggers commonly call the `summary´ of the post.

To enable this feature, simply go to the Settings page for your blog, click on Site Feed > Allow Blog Feeds and then change the drop-down value to “Until Jump Break”. The next time you post, your blog feed will contain a “read more” link which, if clicked, will direct your subscribers to your blog to see the entire post.

Site Feed
There you go with another blogging tip. We hope to have helped you improve your site. Good luck on your blogging endeavors!