Search and Insert YouTube videos in Blogger easily

Blogger has made video blogging a lot easier. Recently, Google added a new feature in Blogger that allows you to search and insert YouTube videos from within the Post Editor. You don't need to open another tab or window; just select where to get the videos from (options: Upload, YouTube or My YouTube videos) and click the `Insert a Video´ button in the toolbar to do it.

Search and Insert YouTube Videos Easily
Blogger says it is currently available in Blogger in Draft. Here's how to search and insert YouTube Videos easily, with the details coming from Blogger, as follows:
In the From YouTube tab, you can search, browse, and play back YouTube videos all within the interface. If you have your own videos on YouTube, My YouTube videos tab will show them as well.

Once you choose the video, click on Select to insert the video to the post. You’ll then see a thumbnail image for the video, which you can move around in the post by drag-and-drop.
We will let you know once this new feature graduates from test phase.