Nokia Point and Find to graduate from Beta

Nokia Conversations, the official blog of Finnish company Nokia has posted a list of the top ten apps that will graduate from Beta Labs, the `playground´ for its pool of software developers, this year. One of these apps is the Nokia Point and Find.

Nokia Point and Find
Nokia Point & Find is the first mobile augmented reality browser on S60 devices. The service lets you discover useful and relevant information and services by simply pointing your camera phone at objects. For instance, point your camera phone at a movie poster on the street to read reviews, glance at ratings, lookup show times, and if your phone has a built-in GPS it will even find the closest theatre and purchase tickets.
It was only yesterday that I was able to know this app existed. This made me remember my December 19th post about Word Lens, an iPhone app that translates printed words from one language to another, in real-time, using the video camera on your iPhone.

I thought they are the same, similar at some point, but Nokia Point and Find works differently although both apps have something in common that enables them to get fully functional — the video camera.

What makes the P&F stand out is that it has a management portal, a web-based app that lets users “create, manage and share custom experiences with others.”

In there, users can combine “location-based technology with image recognition, sensor-based orientation, text search, advanced barcode scanning, and common smartphone functions easily, quickly, without any coding required,” Nokia Beta Labs noted.

Watch this video that furthers explains how P&F works.