Nokia N8 Freezes (Can't Turn On, Restart, Charge)

Having a Nokia N8 freeze problem? Is your Nokia N8 dead? Can't turn on, restart or even charge your Nokia N8? Read this personal experience with some tips on how to fix Nokia N8 `cannot turn on´ predicament, Nokia troubleshooting guide and other options.

SadMy Nokia N8 is 6 days old and yet I'm already having a nightmare. I thought it's the best mobile phone in the world but I was wrong and now so disappointed. My Nokia N8 worked fine until past 5:00 p.m. today, turned it off because I went to church, and when I came back it didn't turn on.

The first step I did was to search for a solution through Google. With the search terms “Nokia N8 can't turn on can't restart,” Google returned a Nokia Europe forum thread at the top of the first search results page.

I discovered that the problem is widespread. The Nokia N8 freeze problem is global. Users of Nokia N8 that failed from almost all parts the world are complaining.

Further search on the web gave me mobile tech websites offering troubleshooting guides, fixes and workarounds, as follows:
  • Press the power button for ten (10) seconds or more;
  • Charge the phone with your computer using the USB cable;
  • Put your phone in the freezer for twenty (20) minutes, which is odd (and funny) and will make your warranty void;
  • And of course, the last resort: bring your Nokia N8 to the Nokia Care Center for repair (they say the freeze problem is covered by the warranty policy).
After trying the first two options and skipping the third to no avail, I think I will really need to do the last resort.