Market Market Scandal — Wife caught Husband, Mistress dating in mall (Video)

Here's a video that's getting popular on Facebook and YouTube. An alleged mistress got her ass kicked by the wife of the man she's dating at the mall. Web sources say the incident happened at the Market! Market! Mall in Taguig sometime last week. No official statement from the mall owners as of yet.

In the video, the purported mistress was dragged by wife on the floor for several minutes until mall security guards arrived. At the end of the shameful scenario, the alleged mistress fled with the attacker's hubby and her best friend.

The series of events according to an undisclosed source:
  • Wife's bestfriend saw the former's husband malling with alleged mistress and a girl friend;
  • Wife's bestfriend immediately texted wife who came to the mall in no time;
  • The scandal happened;
  • Person who took the video believed to be another friend of wife.
Watch the `Market Market Scandal — Wife caught Husband, Mistress dating in mall´ video scandal with prudence due to vulgarity and excessive yelling.