Are Justin Bieber fans jealous of Selena Gomez?

Hi guys, it's Sugar here! J-14's 2010 “Icon of the Year” Justin Bieber and “Iconic Trendsetter” Selena Gomez denied they're having a relationship and insisted they're just friends but some fans say both are secretly dating. OMG! They're so cute together (kilig) and there's nothing wrong if they're both inlove.

Do fans agree with what's is going on?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
The popular US teen mag has a couple of posts about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, which you can find here and here. The first one writes about Justin and Selena's “spoonswagging” photo, the other post is about Selena allegedly sending Justin an “I Love You” tweet (kilig again).

The articles obviously hype up the supposed “Justin-Selena love affair” and all in between. Fans love it; they surely do. Read their comments.
wow!they sure look like good couples! i’m not forgiving Justin if he gets married with Jazmine Valles! I want him to get married with Selena — Twilight_is_cool012
There is COMPLETLEY nothing wrong with a boy and a girl hanging out…One of my bffs is a guy..SO WHAT??!! Or maybe they are dating and just don’t want to say anything bcuz the media…who knows.?.. None of our bussiness. — Hannahjade98
Ok…serisouly, i am actually really glad that Selena and Justin are going out! I am OK with Justin dating ANYONE exept for Jasmine V!! I dont know…she is just annyoing! Justena (as i call them) is like…uber cute! She is like 18 and he is 16…and hey! That is NOT far apart! It would not be wierd for him to even date a 20 year old…well…there not that far apart!!! They are SOOOO cute! — maddybro
There are more comments, just click the links above. After reading them, we can say that Justin Bieber fans aren't jealous of Selena Gomez after all.

Cool! Go “JusSel” - you're a perfect combination!