How to Create a Pixel Website of Your Own

Pixel is the basic or the smallest part of an image for computer; mostly transparent but can change its colors. These pixels are tiny dots in your image that consists of hundreds or even millions of them in order to create one.

Some pixel website is used as a form of advertisement for services and products. It is commonly used for promotion and spreading words about what a business is offering to the public in a more creative way.

Now imagine a website that consists only of a few dots in order to advertise a product or a service. In a cool way, people will have this amazing way of searching what they need.

To create one you need to follow these simple instructions:

You must create or think of an attracting name for your Pixel website. These will serve as the title name for your advertisement. The best is to have a unique name from the others. Choose an attracting name that gives people an itch to see what products you are selling. And of course, it helps that the name you should choose is something that is related to what you are advertising.

Now choose a website that you will host your pixel website. It is also wise to choose a host that will provide what you need. Take note of the bandwidth, the services they provide as well as the memory. Bandwidth is how fast the data is transferred. Make sure that the host provides a high one; most likely about 800GB. Low bandwidth will take time for your website to transfer the necessary data. The memory in the host you will choose should be sufficient; around 6 -10GB. And as for the services, you need to take note if the host provides adequate service and support for your website.

Now in your website, create your own sales system consisting of different titles using unique script depending on your attraction strategy. Compose a colorful and eye catching pixels depending to your strategy. You may create your own script or make others do it for you. It is best to have a unique one for you to attract more customer or people to check your website. It is up to you if you want to choose an existing script or edit existing scripts for a new one. Then you may save your changes to your Resources.

Think of the pricing, costs and billing. The amount of the space you will use should be just the right amount for what they have to give. Think of something competitive compared to other pixel website owners. Create a unique idea compared to other users. Advertise a good slot for a good amount. Advertisers might want the best space and location for their ads. Have a survey why others visit those existing pixel websites. Check their number of visitors if you like then compare and see what are the strengths and weaknesses of each for you to stand out.

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