How to Build a Master PHP Site Template using the Web

PHP is a forceful code language for the web that works with a database to get information and put it consequently in a template of a master PHP and theme. Wordpress, for one, is a popular blogging platform and it makes use of this kind of language/ templates. The problem is that often, these need pricey and exceptionally good technical knowledge to create themes. But there is also an inexpensive way to do it, dropping the need for hard to get, outstanding know-how in order to make master PHP themes for it.

Here it is. First, you need FTP client software. Once you have it you may start the process and it is as follows:
  1. Go to “Wordpress theme generator”.
  2. Click on the box under site name. That is if you want text to be the only thing on your header. There is a wide range of colors to choose from. Posting a banner, if you have one, is also possible. Just simply put in its URL.
  3. Enter website’s name in on the field for text beside the color controls in the “Site Name” area. But if you want to use an image for a logo, for example, leave this blank.
  4. On the next section “Body Size” click on the drop down choices from which you may choose the pixels you need. You may also make a customized width that you need.
  5. Next, click on the “sidebar location” dropdown menu and set you desired size and location. You may have to consider the layout to make sure that everything is in its right size to fit.
  6. Click Menu layout drop down. Again, decide what your choice is.
  7. In the next section, your basic overall scheme must be configured. Play around with this section and keep on trying things out until you decide which works best for you. Everything is easy to follow so you will not have a hard time.
  8. The next section is about configuring your colors to be used and text scheme. Once again, play around with it until you get what you need. Just make sure that your links stand out and easy to see.
  9. Click “Tag cloud” drop down menu. Try it out and see whether you like it or not.
  10. Click “Archives and Search” dropdown menu and decide whether you want full posts or just bits and pieces.
  11. 11. Click “Distribution” drop down menu and there you can choose your desired copyright settings
  12. You may now click on “save” at the bottom select the theme at the top of the window.
Now, double click on the file to extract it. On the zip file is a folder placed in it. That folder must be copied to your themes folder on your wordpress which is usually placed at the “public_html/wp-content/themes” and have it uploaded to your server. If FTP client software is not available, free softwares are available that “FileZilla” labeled link below.

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