Google Affiliate Network (GAN) Exclusive Holiday Offers

Many publishers, webmasters and bloggers are using Google Adsense to monetize their sites but only a few are generating revenues through the Google Affiliate Network (GAN). Why? Because Google has retired this program more than two years ago and almost everyone already forgot it.

Well, the news is (this isn't exactly new actually) Google in September 2010 re-opened GAN.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, GAN is a pay-per-action program that allows affiliates to access affiliate ads for top retailers. The concept is simple — if the ad or text link you post on your site results in a sale, you earn a commission; you get paid when you refer a sale or a desired action.

Google Affiliate Network

If you're using the Blogger platform, GAN is featured in the Monetize tab in your Blogger account. If not, you can apply using this link. You will be required a valid AdSense Publisher ID during application.

Here's the best part.

Google on Tuesday announced that affiliate exclusive holiday offers from select GAN advertisers will be available on Monday, December 13th. Google says “any Google Affiliate Network publisher who has a relationship with the participating advertisers will have access to these exclusive offers.”

In case you're interested to display cost-per-action ads on your site to compliment your Adsense earnings, grab the offer. The list of advertisers who will be offering special offers on December 13 can be found here.