How to Get More Site Traffic in 2011

Hello fellow bloggers. How's been your blogging this year? Do you consider 2010 as a successful year as far as blogging is concerned? I do. Based on just three achievements, I can say that this blog is on the right track, will be doing better and will become bigger next year.

I am giving you some tips to improve your blog so that next year you will be able to surpass what you've done so far this year. But before that, let me share to you some of our achievements in 2010. This will not be long.
  1. We acquired 4 domains:
    • - this site caters to news, schedules and results of the Nurses Licensure Examination.
    • - this site is a resource site for results of Licensure Examination for Teachers as well as news, announcements, schedules and a lot more.
    • - provides daily results of all PCSO lotto games.
    • - this is a site where you can find news about talent search shows in the Philippines. Program schedules, venues and live streams are also featured here.
  2. was spotted on TV Patrol, ABS-CBN's primetime news program, when we had our post on Charice winning the J-14 Teen Icon of Tomorrow 2010 award. We mentioned Charice Internet Army, a worldwide group of Charice Pempengco fans on the web, in that post.

  3. This blog made more money online. Blog revenues from ads increased by three hundred percent (300%) from last year. Blog creator was able to consistently pay two postpaid broadband subscriptions (SmartBro Canopy and Globe Wimax) for the whole year and purchased for cash a brand new Nokia N8. Next target? Buy a 32-inch LCD TV from blog's income.

    In addition to that, we also helped team member Alma Cafe of “Reach Beyond Your Limits” to expand her income by letting her place Google AdSense ads in one of our member sites.
All of these things happened because the team is inspired by the overhwelming support from readers all over the world, and fellow bloggers too.

Now, the tips:
  1. Write good and useful content. Think that “content is king” all the time. Your posts may be simple but must be useful for your readers, something they can relate to and probably apply in their day to day activities be it on the web, in their work or personal lives.

  2. Update your blog more often. If you were used to write two blog posts a week, try to increase it to four or triple it up. Write stories that are timely with up-to-date information from reliabe and credible sources.

  3. Integrate social networking buttons and widgets from Google, Facebook and Twitter to enable your readers share your content to their connections. It's best for blog promotion and will help you gain more site visitors.

    Create a social network for your blog; make a Facebook Fan Page to grow your community and engage that community in conversations.

    Take advantage of technological advancements. Everything a blogger needs are already available, you just need to take the necessary actions and get creative.

  4. One of the greatest mistakes committed by bloggers who have failed is bombard their site with ads. Don't do that if you want to succeed. The more ads you put in your blog, the lesser those ads get clicked. It will also slow your blog down when loading. A long page load time will not just affect your Page Rank (read: loading speed is a factor for PR), it will likewise discourage your visitors to continue reading your post and worst, from ever coming back to your site.

    Also, use a simple yet feature-rich and easy-to-navigate website template. It will encourage readers to discover more content in your blog which, therefore, increases pageviews.

  5. And last but definitely not the least, enable a mobile template for your blog. This feature isn't fully implemented by Blogger yet but you can try using it now by following some simple steps on this page.

    Activating a mobile template for your site will give you an opportunity to gain traffic from smartphone users. With the availability of cheaper smartphones in the market and Wi-Fi hot spots in almost all city corners, it will not be long that more and more people will use them to share messages, news, photos, videos and experiences.

    When the time comes that personal computers, newspapers and printed magazines are already `killed´ by mobile gadgets that have it all, you already had your site enhanced for mobile internet browsing.

    Take a look at how this blog got a share of pageviews from mobile users in November 2010.

    Pageviews by OS
    Upon enabling a mobile template on December 18th, we expect the numbers on pageviews generated from mobile access to increase next year.

So goes my tips that I hope can help you get more site traffic in 2011. I will try to add more in the coming days.

Before I end this post, allow me to thank everyone for visiting this site, for reading our content, for engaging in our conversations through emails, comments, and polls among other medium. Your continuing patronage and support truly inspire the whole team to do better in 2011 and the years to come.