How to install F1 in Firefox

Mozilla Labs has updated F1 recently. If you're unfamiliar, F1 is a browser extension made by Mozilla Messaging that allows you to share links from within the browser, from any webpage, using services such as Twitter, Facebook, GMail and now Yahoo Mail and Google Apps.

When the website you're visiting doesn't have bookmarking and sharing buttons, then F1 is what you need. F1 works with Firefox 3.6+ as well as Firefox 4 beta. F1 installation on Firefox takes a few seconds to complete. Here's how:
  1. Run Firefox 3.6 or later.
  2. Head over to the F1 install web page.
  3. There's a button at the upper right of the page that says “Install F1,” click it.
  4. Allow Firefox to install the extention.
  5. On the Software Installation pop-up window, click Install Now.
  6. Restart Firefox.
  7. If you can't see the Share button at the Menu Bar, look for it at the Navigation Toolbar;.
  8. Browse any webpage and start using F1.
Firefox F1
Firefox F1
Firefox F1
Firefox F1 Setting