PNoy's 12 Little Things to Help the Country

Here is President Noynoy Aquino's interpretation of the pamphlet on “12 Little Things Our Youth Can Do To Help Our Country” which was released during the commemoration of the 147th birthday of Katipunan founder Andres Bonifacio at the La Consolacion College in Mendiola Tuesday night.

PNoy's 12 Little Things to help the country (kids, read):
  1. “Be On Time, Honor Your Commitments” — make the notorious “Filipino Time” as “on time, all the time.”
  2. “Fall in Line, Respect Others.”
  3. “Sing our national anthem with pride.”
  4. “Study well. Give your best in everything you do.”
  5. “Do not cheat or steal. Report any crime or illegal act.”
  6. “Conserve water, plant a tree and dispose your garbage properly.”
  7. “Do not smoke, avoid drugs and stay away from vices.”
  8. “Buy Pinoy. Do not buy fake or smuggled goods.”
  9. “Save, invest and learn business early.”
  10. “During elections, vote for and support the best candidate.”
  11. “Respect our elders, practice mano po.”
  12. “Pray for our country and our people.”
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There you got some nice words to ponder straight from the president. Any reaction?