WoW Philippines vs Pilipinas Kay Ganda

I found out this morning that “WoW” in the phrase “WoW Philippines” has many meanings. In a report published today on page A4 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, senator Dick Gordon who made “WoW Philippines” as the country's brand during his stint as DOT secretary explained what WoW meant.

Gordon said WoW officially stood for “Wealth of Wonders.” The other meanings were:
  • “Warm over Winter” - to endorse the Philippines' sparkling beaches;
  • “Walk our Walls,” - to promote Intramuros in Manila;
  • “Watch our Whales” - to market the butanding (whale sharks).
Now, the Department of Tourism under the leadership of secretary Alberto Lim on Monday launched a new brand for the Philippines — “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” (So Beautiful) — as the slogan for the promotion of tourism. It has so far drawn flak from politicians and the public.

On same day that was Monday, the DOT launched a new website — — to reinforce the new slogan. It was, however, immediately taken down after internet users on social networks commented that the keywords “beautiful pilipinas” are being used by a porn website.

The DOT explained that it wasn't a launch but a mere “preview” pending facelifting and editing works.

WoW vs Kay Ganda

If you're in the shoes of the DOT secretary, what brand would you choose? Should you continue using “WoW Philippines” or adopt “Pilipinas Kay Ganda?”

Which is a better brand?
WOW Philippines
Pilipinas Kay Ganda