Three free puzzle games for Nokia N8

Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, on Tuesday introduced three free puzzle games for your Nokia N8, available at the Ovi Store. These are: Blast Box by Zed, Gems XXL by Lunagames and Jigsaw Puzzle by Spice Labs.

Blast BoxGems XXLJigsaw puzzle
Screenshots are from Nokia Conversations

Blast Box will remind you of an old favorite, Tetris, but has a different game play. Nokia says that while there’s no cost to download or play, Blast Box is an ad-supported game which means that an ad pop-up appears every couple of levels.

Shifting sparkly precious gems around a board is the method of play with Gems XXL. You need to match up at least three identical gems to win the points, before your new arrival of gems lands on the screen for more swapping about. Line up four or more of the same gems and you’l create an XXL gem worth a huge amount of points.

Everyone loves a Jigsaw puzzle. A photo torn into a thousand pieces and you’re tasked to put it all back together again. Well, Jigsaw Puzzle is exactly that. Although without the thousand pieces. The minimum amount of segments is nine for the novice, ranging up to 25 for the expert.

These puzzle games are nice to play with specially when you're not doing anything, while waiting for your turn to get something, or while traveling/on the way to your destination.

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I think I will have to try a couple of these just for fun, to give my fingers something to tap on when I'm idle.