Technology Gadgets in iGoogle: How to Use iGoogle

Editor's note: The following is a guest post by Cynthia. The author has written various articles related to black hat hackers and hacking tips and prevention techniques. These articles are written in a very simple language so that anyone may understand them without any further assistance. Just go through these articles and get the best knowledge provided.

Understanding the history of iGoogle would assist one to know what iGoogle is all about. It was formerly known as Google personalized homepage and was rebranded as iGoogle in 2007. That’s what it is. A personalized homepage from Google just as “My Yahoo” is also there.

iGoogle Artist Themesphoto © 2008 F Delventhal | more info (via: Wylio)
The thrill is that the user can customize it. The techno freak can add into the customization process any amount of technology gadgets onto the homepage, making it an efficient one-stop shop of things he looks for on the net. The issue with iGoogle is that it provides various opportunities to get benefit from the personalized home pages. Disciplines need to be learnt by the users to prevent this.

You could iGoogle and have your customized homepage by clicking onto the iGoogle link at the top left hand corner of Google. It will take you to an array of choices from news, weather, the stock market to horoscopes and more. You move theses boxes to change their location to suit your own logic and personalize your home page. Above these boxes are also a link titled “Add a tab”. Using this you could add a various gadgets such as to do lists, countdowns, emails, and quotes from a Nobel laureate and price checks for commodities, gas, stocks or simply whatever.

Some of the sexiest are technology gadgets in iGoogle. They range from the Latest Hubble telescope images; maps of all sorts, breaking news items from Nat Geo Adventure channel, and top stuff from techno websites such Slashdot, all of which can be installed. This is the techno nerd’s paradise. Further the Google Gadgets API gives interacting ability to the public where any gadget that is needed can be developed. Using the online wizard special gadgets can be developed that restricts the developed gadget for restricted use only between selected friends and families.

iGoogle keeps itself busy on the innovative mode. In 2009 it allowed Gmail users to initiate chat while in their homepages without having to be in While Google themselves have been extremely reluctant to make design alterations when it comes to the personalized home pages they had allowed users even to use a customized background image from the users own stock of images.

Users however need to protect themselves from hackers. Scores of hacking have been provided by hacker Johnny Long in the Google Hacking database exploiting the weaknesses of those who use iGoogle. Vigilance is therefore needed in using iGoogle or using any of the techno or special gadgets available on iGoogle.