SMART Bro Playground

I am not sure if you also did, but today I was able to stumble upon SMART Bro Playground — a new website where you can find the latest news, products and promos, band gigs and events, as well as mobile apps, games and music downloads, informative videos and tutorials, among other stuff.

Anything SMART Bro, it's there.

SMART Bro Playground
My favorite is the BroCast. It's a section which features select videos of the latest trends and how-to's, a good source of information for our blog.

It looks like this website launch has something to do with the recent activity over at its rival company, Globe Telecom, whose interactive website “Enjoy Your Globe. Your Way.” has slowly but surely picked up its own audience share.

I believe that SMART Bro Playground, once all features become fully-functional, will get interactive and more personal.

If you want to check out the SMART Bro Playground, it can be accessed at