Pops Fernandez Nude Photo Scandal

Pops Fernandez’ nude photo is spreading like wildfire through MMS. It's been quickly passed on from one mobile phone to another like a viral file. What does Martin Nievera, her ex-husband and her son Robin have to say? Read on.

Pops Fernandez Nude Photo
Martin Nievera issued a statement earlier on:
I’ve always been mad at anybody who would abuse the beauty and the glamor of Pops. If someone is really doing that using Pops’ face and her body, I really would urge him to stop doing that and to get a life. Do something else with your time.”
Myx VJ Robin Nievera, their son, has defended his mom, saying:
I know it’s not true. My mom will not do anything like that. And to the guy who did it? Get a life.”
Our take on the issue? The photo is obviously fake, poorly photoshopped; the output isn't convincing at all; the manipulation a total fail; the culprit an idiot who didn't encounter the words “respect for women” in his entire life.