PCSO Grand Lotto — Jueteng Killer?

Among the topics which my colleagues talked about at the office this morning was a morning show's report early Tuesday that the PCSO Grand Lotto outstripped Jueteng in popularity and bets. The jackpot prize last night, won by a lone bettor from Luzon, has reached more than P741 million.

Lotto vs Jueteng

With this development, is it safe to say that the Grand Lotto is the “Jueteng Killer” the government hasn't figured out for a long time?

Jueteng is an illegal numbers game that's very popular in Luzon.

I have read an article about lotto versus jueteng on the Philippine Daily Inquirer which was published in early November. In that article, senator Tito Sotto told reporters that the lotto “will be a ‘jueteng’ killer if the minimum prize is P200 million.”

That statement by the good senator could lead to a conclusion that the Grand Lotto is indeed Jueteng's nemesis. The government, particularly the interior and local government department, should take a closer look at this finding and come up with guidelines or course of action.